About Us

About Us:

Did someone say silky Silkies?

We must admit, if we loved chickens any more than we do now, then we’d grow feathers and start clucking. We figured that much when we first discovered Silkies. Coming in several shades with their adorable pom-pom heads, it’s hard not to fall in love with them. As devout Silkie specialists, we decided to help others by pooling our expertise so we can guide new Chinese Silkie keepers on their journey. And we love it! 

Many other websites brag about being experts, but talk is cheep! Cheep cheep!

We prove our expertise by offering and delivering useful information you can’t find anywhere else. Our dedication to facts and data pushes us to chase chicken knowledge first-hand. This results in tons of research, surveys, and studies that we use to educate those who use our platform; giving them an edge over everyone else.

Grab your Silkie and let’s cross that road!


To seed the love of Silkies in every heart as we teach new keepers how to keep their Silkies happy and healthy.


To make at-home chicken rearing a huge community that is enjoyable, effortless, and educational.

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